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C.R. Heckaman - Executive Director & Founder  Performing as a singer and songwriter Curtis Lord, C.R. carries on the time-honored tradition of the troubadour: a singer of songs that touch our hearts even as they speak truth to life. C.R. taught himself guitar and began singing folk music in the 1960s, and after traveling the country composing and performing, he settled in Canada. While on a 2013 visit back home in South Bend, C.R. was inspired to create Everybody Has A Story as a way to give back to his hometown community, and our story began.

Shari Coleman Herman - Director of Operations  Everybody Has A Story could never work without someone as organized and cordial as Shari handling administration. She returned to South Bend where she works at Notre Dame University. When lifelong friend C.R. Heckaman asked her to join EHAS, Shari agreed, and then tackled the exacting (nitpicky) stuff of floorplans and contracts. Shari is the epitome of the EHAS volunteer: she's someone who works full time, has a busy family life, yet still respects our vision enough that she gives her time and her consummate ability to mesh details so things flow together with style. If you want to join our team, contact Shari.


Steve Sult - Director of Marketing and Advertising & Co-founder  When the mission is something aural, like putting on a music performance, the fact remains that true success can depend just as much on the visuals. For elegant graphics and marketing know-how, EHAS continues to draw on the incomparable talents of Steve Sult of The Sult Mine Creative Group Inc. , a Communication Design & Branding Company. Steve's office wall is thick with awards for branding, graphic design, and marketing communications, but the ones he treasures most represent the work from his heart, like his volunteer efforts for the Indiana Small Business Development Center, The Ray Works Memorial Foundation, and of course, Everybody Has A Story. EHAS's marketing focus, our beautiful posters, and merchandise, even the website you view at this very moment of reading -- we owe to Steve.

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