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“Some stories are funny, some are sad, yet we retell them through the years because they never grow old, even as we do. It seems to me that we are fundamentally bound together by these narratives. We understand ourselves by the stories we lived, by the histories of our larger heritage in this community. We all contribute to the world in which we live. Everyone is important. Everyone has a story.” - C.R. Heckaman

We planned our first concert for September 20, 2014. Our ambition was to create a music & variety event that would entertain, inform, and inspire unity in the community. We wanted every audience member to leave feeling that, even in a small way, they were part of something bigger. And we did it! We made it happen with contributions from musicians who had graduated to careers far away, and with favorite local performers who still delight us on the hometown circuit. Everybody Has A Story attracted storytellers, and poets, writers, and community activists, everybody volunteering their time and talents, pitching in to make it a celebration. Together we raised $7,000 for our charity beneficiary, the 360 Project. This year, our goals are even bigger. We’ve learned so much since we began. We’ve built our brand identity, tested our marketing, and along the way made great friends.


We have realized that our mission as a group is to find and present music by young, new talents along with tunes by trusted old friends, everyone joined in a joyous community celebration of song and story. We want Everybody Has A Story to become a Michiana signature organization, known for our all-volunteer efforts to support charities that are making a real difference to help people. Most important, we want to include all the stories.



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